What is the IP Address used for?

IP addresses are not only assigned to websites, domain names, and individual users, they are also assigned to any device that is connecting to the internet such as printers, and wireless routers. There are designated rules to assigning IP addresses. There are classes of IP addresses which are used for only certain devices. For example, some classes or ranges of IP addresses will only be used for websites. In the case of routers, they will have their own specific range of IP addresses. In other words, they will all have to be assigned an IP Addresses that contains a slight variation on a specified number sequence. Is an IP address commonly used by wireless broadband and network routers and ADSL modems, most notably the popular brand Linksys. The router’s Local Area Network (LAN) settings will use this IP address. Note that while is a common router IP address for Linksys, this number may vary by brand and type of router. Brands like Netgear and D-Link may use a different IP number. The router’s IP address should be found on the router itself. Knowing this IP address is useful when setting up a new network or attempting to troubleshoot and fix connectivity issues. It also allows a user to modify and customize settings.

Connecting and logging into a router using

Users can access the router through their web browser by inputting this IP address into the address field of their preferred browser as The user will then have access to the administration console. From here the user can make their desired changes, reset, and test connections, or reset to factory settings. If resetting and testing connections via does not yield any results, the issue may be physical, meaning it may be an issue with the hardware of the router itself or with network cables and other connection points.

Check any router’s username and password from the list below: